Many More Teal Names to Come... 
















Just For Fun 


















Ron and Sheila Stamp have decided, with great reluctance, to sell their beloved Teal Tourer. After many happy years with this fabulous car and enjoying so many great experiences and friendships through the Teal Owners Club, their Teal Tourer is now for sale.


Teal Tourer 4 Seater.


              Aluminium body with stainless steel fixings and high quality finish in British Racing Green.


   18” Spoked wheels including spare and chassis

                      wax-oiled from new.


Triumph 2 litre 6 cylinder Twin carb engine with unleaded cylinder head and 4-speed gearbox with overdrive.


Leather seats and double duck hood with side screens and a full tonneau cover.


This Teal was built and first registered in 1993 by Ron Stamp and owned by him since. It has an MOT until         August 2018.




Phone: Ron Stamp 01925 635717

or email rgsmstamp36@outlook.com 


or email Teal Club SecretaryAndy on














Tealers may have noticed that our favourite cars are now being called Bugatti Type 35 Tributes on certain websites.  here's an example: 




 and a photo:






Regulars on this website know that this is a Teal Type 35.  They may be surprised at the date it is claimed to be made (one shouldn't mistake the date of the donor car's registration) and they know roughly what it's worth. The asking price is £64,500. 















  Sterling Moss waves off Angelo and  Antonio in their fine Teal Type 35 on their way to Brighton.  The caption in small writing by the Daily Telegraph may not be entirely accurate - but the sentiment expressed is excellent...









Backbone of England Run Pennines - Teal Type 35 - Mike Astill 







Joyce Astill, Tealer wife of Mike of Grimsditch Hall fame (where many Teals were built by Bob Jones between 1994 and 1998), is also a dab hand in the kitchen. She baked this delicious Teal Pie at their converted barn for Bob Jones and Joan, and Tealers Mary and Jeff Turner.  Bob assures us that no Teals were harmed in the making or devouring of said pie.  Eat your heart out, Great British Bake Off....






Mary and Big Jeff in their immaculate 6C/2500cc Teal Type 35 boat tail  in the Pennines. Beyond, Mike Astill pulls on his flying helmet for the next leg into the hills.  The sun shone luckily down on us,  so at back Chairman Bob wore his shorts, lucky red shirt and shades...






Bob  in Red Baron leads Jeff and Mary and Ron and Sheila out...






....and round a sharp left-hander up  into the hills 


For the full story of  the Teal Pennine Run 1 under the guidance of Dot and Phil, please see the index page  of this website at left and select  Teal Backbone Tour.  And then  look out for the most unusual British 50s sports car that joined us... 






What is the mystery car? 

















Is this the almost-perfect profile?  How would you improve on Bob Jones' original Teal Type 35 design?   










Should these badges be reversed?  Or only one shown?   Teals were, of course, originally  inspired by Bugatti, but it might be argued that the proven quality, design and durability of Teal cars over the past 30 years plus (as well as the terrific fun they create) justify the Teal badge now being shown proudly on its own. True?












Andy Dutton's  La Tecla  Teal Cockpit









Aaldert's delightful Teal Type 43  












Teals en route in  North Yorkshire (T and P stop)















It's a splendid issue of our Club magazine, full of Teal articles, photos, memories, plans, invitations and joy.... thanks Suzi, Andy, Dot and Team for getting it to us in so swiftly....






Scottish Borderers 





Christmas Quiz: 






1 A.  Where was this photo above taken?

   B.  What Type of Grand Prix car was named after the owner of            this location?

   C.   Identify the three marques of car shown.






2.  What make of car is this, and when was it built ?





3.  Is this a Bugatti Type 59?




4..   Which make of British car carried this mascot?







5.A. Is this car Spanish, British, French or Italian ?

  B.   What make is it?

  C.    About when was it built?



Answers on the Discussion Forum Page, please....my version after Christmas -  have a good time with your crackers, all Tealers...



QUIZ ANSWERS - 31 December 2017 


The Quiz has been well answered by those consumate quizzers Rupert and Vince - congratulations: Q1 Goodwood, March, Riley-Teal 35 - MGA; Q2: ?? Q3. No, not a Type 59, which didn't have an external gearlever - probably a Type 35 or 37 Bugatti:  Q4  Alvis;    Q5. French, Amilcar,  about 1925.  Which only leaves the lovely sweeping lines of the Burgundy-coloured car at Q2 outstanding. Here's a photo of the front as well:





Yes, it's an Aston Martin, a 15/98 model, built between 1934-1939 ; KMP 168  was registered in May 1939 and is powered by a 1968 cc motor  according to the DVLA website. Rather a beauty...







Scottish Borders 



Soon after Tealers crossed the Scottish Border near Jedburgh a few years ago, we pulled in to a lakeside (lochside) cafe after a longish, exhilarating run, for a drink and a picnic.  We were accompanied by a fine Austin Healey 3000 (the photo car), which made for a colourful picture in itself....





At back right Ian and Lavinia are getting out the kettle ready for a brew....

We had formed up to start out one morning in a supermarket car park but unfortunately Dot and John  hadn't  told Roger and Carola their fine four-seater was going for a bargain ...







For the  full, happy story of the 2009 Lakes and Borders tour, see index at left - lots of fine photos, and more on the page Teals in Action. Thanks, Tealers.













Our Club Secretary Andy informs us of the sad news that very early Tealer Ernest Neil (above with his son Roger and Teal Azzurro Uccello - Blue Bird ) has passed away.   Ernest, aged 85, was from High Wycombe, built his Teal himself with the help of son Roger, and all three were seen at many Teal events down the last 30 years including Brooklands, the Uxbridge Classic Car  Show and Spider Run 1.  Blue Bird herself  is still with Ernest's family. 









Jean and Rupert in Grasshopper led Tealers on a happy Sussex/Surrey run from Petersfield, on the Hampshire/Sussex borders through (not necessarily in this order) the South Downs to Petworth, around Bosham Harbour on the Channel coast,  into Chichester, up to the Devil's Dyke , to Bramber near Worthing (where Jean grew up) and later north into Surrey...








At high tide this road round Bosham Harbour is under water; Jean had carefully studied her tide tables, and timed our arrival when only a ridge of seaweed in the middle of the road impeded progress - and all our cars' bottoms received a thorough cleaning with salted seaweed  - here David and Sharon follow Jean and Rupert...  





Grasshopper was looking particularly sporty  and






 In Petworth  Angelo and Antonio greet Sharon and David (and is that Harry from Essex in the far background?) while in the foreground Glen was keen to get his leg over in his Sensible Teal  which...





in the bright southern sunlight could almost be called Violet.





Jean had arranged a coffee (or T and P) stop in a delightful country pub in the South Downs, with roses round the path from the car park... 






where David's Dolly and  Grasshopper made a nice pair , and







Tealers Irene, Colin, Sharon and David enjoy their coffee and Colin... 





...ensured he wasn't caught short on the next leg. 




Rupert, our leader





Francesca poses before Rupert's Grasshopper; the man himself gently reminds her that her transport is the modest MG next door 




Harry and Carol from Essex were there, keen Club members who have taken part enthusiastically in many Teal runs in the UK, France and Spain in their throaty Replicar , the merits of which.... 



 Harry discussed with Colin. Actually the LHD Replicar went rather well, considering it appeared to be powered by...






a somewhat-surprising 750-watt microwave oven under the bonnet.



 (the Replicar is,of course, a VW-based replica with a rear engine) 






A couple of wimps (Brian and Colin) had come in cars with hoods; the weather forecast was variable, but in fact the hoods were not needed.... 





The rest of the line-up were admirable 





David and Sharon on the turn, with Angelo and Antonio close behind





Into the sun: Replicar silhouette, with Harry and Carol 





When we ended up by the sea at Bosham Harbour there was talk of taking a ferry to the other side; but instead we stood and chatted and watched the rising tide; but Colin insisted it was time for ...







...his afternoon cup of tea and slice of cherry pie in Chichester; Colin  generously gave me a piece too. 






Our trip ended at a fine car show  over the border into Surrey, where we were warmly received; actually the make of the day there was TRIUMPH.  There were lots of Heralds, Spitfires and Stags on show - and David's Teal  has a Triumph engine...


We rounded off our trip on a wagon towed by a steam engine... 






This was a happy few days together; thank you Jean and Rupert and all Tealers for your company and photos.
























There is a long-standing tradition in The Netherlands in the run-up to Christmas of children dressing up as Zwarte Piet, apparently a close helper of Santa Claus at this busy time; here Aaldert shows his fine Teal Type 35 surrounded by such children of all ages, both inside and outside the Teal...which itself would make a grand toy sleigh... (for information, in a recent opinion poll 92% of the Dutch supported the continuation of this old tradition, with 8% against).


Thanks, Aaldert 











Northumberland ( Ian and Lavinia Canute )

















Also Kent 





Ultimate Kent 








Cumbria Briefing 


























North Yorkshire 














 Lancashire (With Lagonda)
















Bugatti Type 44 - Goodwood Revival 












At first glance there are two Teals and four Tealers in this Oxfordshire photo - Dot, Phil saluting the photographer, Maggie and The Captain. But wait - what are those red mudguards - yes, it's Vital Spark, with Neil Ramsay - because this is the Oxford Run of 2012 organised by Colin and Irené Andrews, with a Bugatti to view in their village and a cross-country run to an historic stately home (and fete) at Henley.... a delightful few days.





 Ah, there he is - Vicky's up front in Puddle Jumper navigating for Colin...








Tealers  viewing the 'Bugatti Type 55' owned by Colin's colleague






Cheerful Tealers Colin, Vicki, Neil, Irené, Dot, Francesca and Phil; and that looks like a glimpse of Vital Spark's boat-tail in one of Colin's garages (top right)... 





Well-aligned and colourful Teals and Tealers - add Chris and Yvonne and Brian and Francesca and a cheerful long weekend ensued.  Thanks to Colin  and Irené  for good food, routes and company...










 In 1989 Bob Jones launched the first of thirteen ultra-fast, Jaguar-powered Teal Type 59s on an unsuspecting world.  Here he is road-testing the first Type 59.






The Type 59 under construction at Altrincham, Cheshire 







Bob Jones with the 6C Jaguar 3.2 engine for the Type 59 at the Atlantic Business Centre, Altrincham





Bob gives the new Teal Type 59 a dirt-track test in rural Cheshire 




The first Type 59 - 1989 - she's a beauty and goes like the wind - stopping her is something else ...







Handover - a satisfied new Tealer with Bob the builder 





1989 Advert for Teal Cars - including the Type 59 



Three Teal Type 59s are in daily use in Japan, Australia and South Africa; the rest are probably in UK.  For lots of photos of Teal Type 59s see Teals of the Week  numbers 39, 40, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52 and 53 on this website...  


Luckily one of the finest Type 59s belongs to our own TOC member David Brown of Hertfordshire, and is often driven to shows, rallies and get-togethers, much to our enjoyment:





















What a beauty! Happy Tealing, David, Janice and George....




















 Why is Club Chairman Bob reeling across the car park while Club Secretary Andy, wife June, Sharon and Phil look on, surprised?


Reason:  Bob was doing his good deed for the day: Andy had some temporary starting problems, now long fixed, and Bob had just given him a push start, and was recovering from  the rapid ignition of La Tecla's powerful Triumph 6C/2500 engine... 














Answers on the Discussion Forum page, please 



ANSWER:  Bob Jones wrote to say that as part of his 1986-1987 upgrading of the Teal Type 35 with modified chassis and aluminium bodywork  he decided that new, larger, wire wheels were required for handling and looks, and he commissioned Motor Wheel Services of Slough and Manchester to make them and the hub fittings.  This is the first Teal Type 35 to be fitted with the new 18-inch Wire Wheels with which we are now so familiar.  At a rough estimate maybe 500 such wheels and fittings have been purchased from MWS.









Rob Lewis and Isadora.  Rob is one of the great original heroes of the Teal movement, building Isadora and many other Teal Type 35s and Type 59s, setting up a company to build fine classic replica 1930s delivery vans, making nearly every handbrake on nearly every Teal,  losing it all, selling Isadora, and years later buying her back, setting up a most successful firework business, and seen at many classic car shows such as Prescott and Goodwood , showing the flag for Teals. We salute your many successes and your deep contribution to the Teal story, Rob.







Another  major hero of the happy Teal story is Mike Astill, seen here with Joyce on the Backbone of England Run in the Pennines in 2010.  In 1994, when times had become difficult financially to keep Teal production going during a period of recession, Mike offered Bob Jones the use of his premises at Grimsditch Hall in Cheshire, where Bob was able to carry on production of Type 35s and Type 59s in the splendid outbuildings...





Teal Type 35B under construction at Grimsditch; Mike's Type 35 beyond. 





Jaguar-powered 6C/3400 Teal Type 59 at Grimsditch with Mike's Teal Type 35.






Fifteen years later:  Mike and Joyce on the Backbone of England Run, Pennines, 2010. 






Above are just two of the heroes of the Teal story, enabling Ian Foster and Bob Jones to continue creating these beautiful cars - another is Ben Trumble, whose thrilling story can be read on the pages of this website - see index on left ... and there are many more Teal heroes.  If you own, maintain, cherish and drive a Teal, you are one of them.











Ian Foster (right) founder, designer and creator of Teal  GRP-bodied cars from 1983 to 1986 and Bob Jones, designer and creator of aluminium-bodied Teal Type 35s, 43s, 44 and 59s from 1986-1998. They are with Ian and Maggie Foster's original  GRP-bodied Type 35 'HKA' then re-bodied for Ian in aluminium by Bob Jones in 1987.  This fine Teal  was later purchased and enjoyed by Keith Lidgerwood  of Cheshire, who kindly let me try this legendary Teal out 25 years later  on several  sessions around the rural roads of that county; she  goes like the wind, with positive steering and acceleration....but with slightly confusing  6 identical unmarked switches  low on the dashboard - including ignition on/off and wipers on/off...                                          b.c.    








Keith enjoying HKA (aka Le Mistral) in the Pennines 2010














 Finland - Not so Shabby.












FOR SALE : a piece of Teal history, one-off four-seater two-door
tourer.    Built for Teal factory engineer/chassis builder Peter Farrell by himself and  Teal Cars owner  the venerable Bob Jones, it is really 15 inches too long for my garage, and must go.   See Teal of the Week No 64 on this website for details of this impressive, historic and unique Teal.   More photos there and below...

Complete engine rebuild roughly 3000 miles ago by Teal expert David Ward, the Egham Wizard, now effectively an 1800 twin carb MG.

Comes with hood, tonneau and side screens, ready for anything the
British climate has to offer. Can be viewed in Hertfordshire.

Price guide £22000.00    phone 01923441152   or   email david.brown@lovatts.me










She's a stylish beauty, and a genuine slice of Teal history; nicknamed in the Club 'The Cream Cracker' or 'Jacob', here she is with her creators, Peter Farrell (left) and Bob Jones (centre) with Ian Foster. - Ed. 
















Today, 5th November 2017, is the London to Brighton for Veteran Cars.  Tealers were there to greet these old classics at Crawley, about the half way point on the sunlit 2017 run; Tealers included Rupert and Jean, Andy Dutton, Shropshire John and Wendy and David Ward. Some of these are classics in their own right.  One Tealer (your correspondent) lives quite near Brighton, so was there to welcome the  mechanical pioneers, many over 100 years old (the cars I mean) at the finish of their 50-mile plus run  on Madeira Drive....


Afternote:   Sadly we hear that there was a collision on Reigate Hill which ended with a 1902 Mercedes upside down in the ditch, and two folk badly injured.   






Several Tealers have taken part in the annual Kit Car London to Brighton run, an occasion of some merriment with many and various machines, including elegant Teals; and those owning MGs will know the annual MG London to Brighton from Epsom Racecourse to Madeira Drive - some lovely old MGs appear for this splendid rally/run.  It doesn't really matter whether your sporting car is 100 years old or 10, it's the fun and cameraderie of the event that matters, isn't it?












Ted Riley in his exquisite self-built, Jaguar-powered  Type 59 (GPB59) in Kildrummy, Scotland (2013) 

See Teal of the Week No 53 on this website for further details and photos of this very special beauty... 







Angelo's handsome Teal Type 35 boat-tail at Brooklands 





 David, Andy, Angelo - the Brooklands Teal Trio  - Flying the Flag for the Marque - New Year's Day 2016







Colin and Fiona Halsey's fine red Vital Spark at Prescott 2016 ; and on the left Richard Ashton's unique and beauteous Type 35.







Violet - unusual Teal 35  (6C/2500 Triumph) with removable windscreen and external rotary overdrive lever.   (ex Brian Crook, now in Eire) 













Leg 1 of Spider Run 1 ran from Land's End to Glastonbury.   En route it took in the pretty Cornish seaside port of St Ives, which welcomed the Tealers whole-heartedly to the town and to the quayside....  the sun shone brilliantly, but ...




Stuart kept his hood up, just in case.  Do you know any other Teal Type 35 boat tail with a hood?  Me neither.  There's Aaldert's lovely Type 43 with hood, of course.   Seven years after these photos were taken, on Spider Run 2,  we came back to Cornwall via the south coast, St Austell and St Michael's Mount...





Cornish Tealer Peter Colley was there on both occasions, with his unique Teal four-seater: 








A  stylish Teal Type 35:  unusual  mudguards  and doors... and weatherproofing!















Total Head Turners of Essex have an early  Teal Type 35 Boat-tail for sale ....1800cc MG twin carb motor.







See Teal of the Week No 106 on this website for a bit more history.... 





















Teal Owners' Club President's Trophy, presented by John Elwell,   founder with others of the TOC, and of Suzi and Blue Beast  fame....









below, A typical Teal AGM, with some of the happy attendees, Grasshopper and Stu's Rolls .... 
























A splendid Teal Type 59 spotted in St Remy de Provence in 2013.


Does anyone know this beauty? Do you know where she is now? Suggestions on the Discussion Forum would be most welcome.   Thank you.  


ANSWER :   David Ward emails to point out that this Teal Type 59 is now back in the UK, and is in fact our own David Brown's beautiful Type 59 seen at many a Teal show and rally this past couple of years... thank you both Davids.


See Teal of the Week No 47 and Teal News 11 pages for more photos.











Actress Mena Suvari beside her 'Bugatti'  in the film of Ernest Hemingway's novel 'The Garden of Eden'.   In Paris the young newlyweds depart for a long honeymoon in steamy Spain, driving in style in the Bugatti given to him by her as a wedding present. There are some good shots of the car in the equally-steamy film; in reality this footage is, of course , of an elegant Teal Type 35.


This Teal Type 35: 











Next: two rare sights on Teal rallies... 













You can watch this film free (1hr 36 minutes) with all the Teal action on You Tube  by typing in www.youtube.com to your browser, and when Youtube comes up, type The Garden of Eden 2008 into the search box; or type into your browser:  

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEG6I7rbj3A   Be prepared for varied action of several sorts....



This Teal/Bugatti has not been MOTd or taxed in the UK since 2007 (the film was released in 2008), so is presumably still on the continent, hopefully being used and loved.  Thanks D.W. 





















CLASSIC CAR QUIZ: 1) What make of car is this below? 2)  Is it Foreign?  3)  Approximately what year was it built?















Answers on the Discussion Forum, please.   Lovely, isn't she? 



ANSWER:  She's a LAGONDA RAPIER , built in November 1934 with an 1104 cc motor and spotted at a country car show near Salisbury.   Well done those classic experts Vince and Andy - spot on with your  car recognition.  Here she is from the front:







PS: DAVID WARD also knew the answer to this quiz, and gave us a useful tip; if you know the registration number of any UK car, enter it on the website below and it will tell you when the car was made, first date of registration, engine and whether it is MOTd and taxed.  In the case of most Teals it will tell you the date of first registration of the donor car.  Try it on your car(s). Endless fun!















Glorious Teals 







(Dot and Phil at Colin and Irene's )





Classic Profile - Type 35 boat-tail














Tristan da Cunha, South Atlantic 













 Grasshopper 2010 Lincolnshire






Shropshire - the lonely road ahead (and a song to be sung) 

















Wiltshire Shadows 
















 South Africa












Austria (Ulrike's Teal across the border on holiday from Munich) 









  Teal Eating Club (Normandy Branch)







Rain Expected 

























TEAL EVENTS - 2016/2017


Details of Teal Owners' Club events are listed on the new TOC club website with when, where and who to contact.  Teal rallies, car shows, parties and get-togethers are all there in TealSpiel magazine for members or here's the website link:




copy and paste into your browser for full info...







 Talking of Old Classics....


CAPTAIN SENSIBLE:  See his terrific Teal tales at page 57,  one page from the end of this website
And now , at last, a little bit about this website, its contents and why it was set up .

Welcome to SKYBLUETEAL, the website for lovers of Teal cars, fine British sports cars full of character, lovely to look at and a delight to drive.


There are many photos of owners' cars on the website as we build up a visual record of every Teal we can find in Teal of The Week (TOW), and   we explain  a little of the history of  Ettore Bugatti, the legendary designer and manufacturer  whose  delightful  and highly successful racing and touring cars of the 1920s and 1930s inspired Teal cars. The history of Teal cars is detailed with many historic photos, and there are pages showing the building of Teal T35, T43, T44  and T59 cars in the 'factory' .


Just for fun, there is a   tour of a fine  Continental Teal T35 (Dutch Treat) and of  a lovely Teal from Dorset (Black Beauty).    Features include a  page of Tealing in the  pioneer years of the 1980s, photos of Teals and Tealers in Wales and Yorkshire on the 2008 Triangle Run, the Lake District and Scottish Borders on the June 2009 Rally,  illustrations of  the building of  Teal cars at home,   and picture reviews of the wonderful variety of Teal  cockpits, dashboards and tails.   There's a special page on the Teal Owners' Club (TOC),  detailing  how to join the Club, and the many Club benefits.    The exciting  annual   Circuit des Remparts at Angouleme is covered, and  Teals in Action 2009  shows our Teal cars where they are meant to be:  on the road;  there's full coverage of The Teal 2010 Backbone of England Rally, and there are stirring Teal Tales of Captain  Sensible campaigning  in Britain, France,  Spain, Germany Switzerland and the Netherlands,  and also new Teal News pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10,11,12,13 and 14 with dozens of snippets of the latest information about Teals and Tealers, and reports of our Teal adventures and rallies in 2007,2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 , 2016  and 2017 in Sussex and Hampshire, Kent, East Anglia,   Lancashire, The Peak District, Shropshire and Herefordshire, Oxfordshire and Warwickshire, Wales and unusual adventures in the Scottish Highlands and Islands, as well as overseas trips to much of Europe including France, The Netherlands, Germany, Spain and  Portugal.  We hope you enjoy these tales which are an excuse to enjoy our lovely Teals, and eachothers' company... Do join us at The Teal Owners' Club (you don't have to own a Teal) - email our Club Membership Secretary at dot.massey@btinternet.com

- you'll be most welcome. 


 Perhaps you already own a Teal, or maybe you might be considering buying and  driving a Teal one day; either way, it's a rewarding and exciting experience ..... we welcome you to the vivid world of Teal cars.  














To purchase an original vintage 1920s Bugatti such as the legendary Types 35 or 37 would cost  between £250,000 and £500,000; with an authentic racing pedigree, the price of such a car would be well above a million pounds. Bugatti cars of the 1920s and 1930s command such a high premium because of their rarity, the engineering skill of their designer, Ettore Bugatti (see page 3),  the beauty of their lines and their outstandingly successful record as racing cars over  the two decades before World War 2.

The Teal Type 35 was designed in 1983, and much  refined in the late  80s and 90s, to provide a car with the Bugatti's beauty and performance at an affordable price.  To drive  a Teal behind the twin racing aero screens is an exhilarating (and windy!)  experience, since suspension, steering, handling and exhaust note are all successfully optimised  to replicate as far as possible the exciting sensations of 1920s open-air  motoring.   More details of  Teal history, design, construction, engines, suspension,  and some  estimated  prices   are given at page 2.  


Original Teal - 1984 - Ian and Maggie Foster's Type 35 
(Photo Maggie Foster - thank you)
 See Page 2
The same early Teal, in 2010 (below)
 Now aluminium-bodied with 18-inch wire wheels,substantial headlights  and windscreen, restored by Keith Lidgerwood, here on the Backbone of England Run in June 2010, photographed with Keith,  and Guy and Mark Foster, Ian and Maggie Foster's twin sons, who helped dad Ian build the Teal in 1984. 
Early  Teal.   Kit Car Magazine, July 1984
Outside the Hatchet Inn, Lower Chute, Near Andover, Hampshire;
This excellent pub is still there 30 years later,  looking much the same.
See Teal origins  (page two) for the story behind the launch of  the first   Teals.
 ( Thanks to Andy/Kit Car Magazine for photo )
Teal Type 35 two-seaters

Oxford and Cambridge?  These aluminium Teal Type 35 two-seaters with 18" wire wheels are photographed  at Laycock:  Peter Haywood's dark blue beauty was driven by him and Neil from their  Isle of Wight homes, where Peter is restoring a Riley Kestrel when he's not motoring in his Morgan Plus Four or Teal, and  Neil fettles and drives his pre-war MG J2 - for more see Teal News page one, Item 31.  The pretty sky blue Teal is now owned by Andrew Smith from Buckinghamshire ( see Teal News page one, Items 2 and 17).




Teal Type 35 Four - Seater  Tourer

Glen and Maggie Ibbotson's fine dark blue four-seater at the Knowsley show;  for more about Glen and Maggie and their Teal  [Captain Sensible] see the Teal News page one, Item 13, and Captain Sensible's amazing and delightful Teal Tales, one page from the end of this website.



 A very pretty Teal Type 43 Four Seat Tourer, designed and built by Bob Jones

(photo -  Bob Jones - thank you)


the handsome Teal Type 44 Four Seater grand tourer, designed and built by Bob Jones

(photo -  Bob Jones - thank you)



the delightful Teal Type 52s  ('Bugattini') 

(photo -  Bob Jones - thank you)



                               Teal Type 59 - high performance sports car (with admirers) 

    (photo  -  Bob Jones - thank you)

Below: Teal Type 59 at Speed



Teal Owners' Club  Lakes and Borders Run,  Scotland
"The sun on your back, the wind in your hair, the winding road ahead, and good company at the long  day's end -  all's well with the world." 


This is not the official website of Teal Cars, or of Bugatti, or of any organisation or club whatsoever;  the Skyblueteal.co.uk website has simply been created to share information and images with fellow Teal and Bugatti classic car enthusiasts.  We hope that you enjoy the website in the spirit of fun in which it has been created.  Happy Tealing.....













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