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Our East Anglian correspondent, Richard Ashton.  was at a Norfolk Sporting  Car Club meeting over the weekend, and was surprised to meet a new Tealer who has just purchased the lovely Teal Type 35 four-seater  BIG2959 shown below, which many Tealers will recognise:




The new owner Nick is a keen enthusiast, has done a lot of work on the car, which Richard says sounds great with the 1800 cc engine and a new  stainless custom-made exhaust.  Welcome, Nick.



p.s. Of course,  the delightful deep blue Type 35 boat-tail is Richard's own beauty. Thanks, Richard.

















 1926 Bugatti Type 37 at FlyWheel 2017, Bicester





On the long weekend 23/24/25 June 2017, fourteen Tealers * enjoyed a splendid long weekend in Oxfordshire under the guidance of Colin and Irené, and Chris and Yvonne. On Friday evening after drinks we dined out together beside the Thames before coffee at Cobshall;  on Saturday morning  Colin and Chris guided us through lovely Cotswold countrside to the Swan at Swinsbrook for morning coffee on the River Windrush with the Mitford sisters, and then led us through Burford, Stow, Moreton and the Fosse Way to the Gaydon Motor museum of British cars which  was terrific, especially with the new Jaguar Building, while some visited Upton Hall (National Trust) near Banbury; we then returned to delightful Cobshall Cottage (Mansion?) for a superb meal conjured from nectar by Irené and Yvonne - pure delight!



On the Sunday all 14 of us attended  the absolutely outstanding classic car show and flying displays ('FLYWHEEL') at Bicester Heritage - perhaps there were a thousand classic cars there, ranging over a century from 1910 to date, and including a fine Bugatti Type 30 and a delicious Type 37 (above).  Many of the cars demonstrated and showed off noisily and at speed on track, while sunlit biplanes dived low overhead - happy days indeed.  The distinguished attendees were: *  Janice, David and George, Ellen and George, Andy Dutton (Club Sec), Bob Mills (Club Chairman) Rupert, Yvonne and Chris, Brian and Francesca and, of course, Colin and Irené.    


Comments:Lincolnshire George's splendid green Type 35 is currently being modified to fit MGB rear brake drums; and David and Janice's magnificent Type 59, often driven by young George, is undergoing fuel modifications.




Our heartfelt  thanks go to Colin and Chris for organising the whole three days of fun - a classic Teal weekend; and especially to Irené and Yvonne for the wonderful meals.   Here are some photos:

























 Finally, two items seen at the Bicester FlyWheel show, the first amusing and the second endearing:



 Could Mae West's motto equally be applied to a Teal?



and 2, seen on the back of a 1929 Bentley three-litre, perhaps how all Tealers would like to be remembered: 


















 This magnificent Teal Type 43 has just completed it's first full rally in the Netherlands, driven by double-Tealer and owner Aaldert Postma...





 Aaldert writes:   

Yesterday we had a wonderful 125 km tour ( ca 30 degrees Celsius) with 25 Orca classiccars and 50 participants.


It was the first time the Teal43 came in action , lots of attention , headturners  and admirers.


At the finish I realised that there was no cause for concern, concerns about the temperature.
Earlier I  installed an extra fan ,controlled by a watertemp sensor in watercircuit.


The gearbox and engine (completely revised) did a great job,only the front disc brakes need adjustment



and I determined that the aaoooh horn did not work, wires in the dashboard not fixed.
Mid august a couple of Orcaneers come to the Uk (east london) for a  3 nights stay in Good hotel.
More details about this tour soon ( at least two Teals and a Replicar ).





Many Tealers will know that Aaldert  designed this Teal Type 43 with Mike Hall and had it built in Evesham  in 2012/13, with much engine re-building, wiring, fettling, painting, hood design and manufacture,  and final finishing in the Netherlands over the past two years. This result is a total triumph, a credit to Aaldert and a Teal for the Club to be proud of - bravo, Aaldert. I suspect that I am not the only one to   wish it was mine!


More details: Teal of the Week No 126








Skilled Photographer Phil Kroll has invited all Tealers to view his excellent photos of last month's La Vie En Blue at the Bugatti Owners' Club at Prescott - see the Teal Discussion Forum on this website, copy and paste the links into your browser, and enjoy the many happy pictures of Bugattis and other fine classic cars, and many pretty people too!  Here are the links:



 Day 1:    http://prescott-la-vie-en-bleu2017.blogspot.co.uk/


Day 2:     http://prescott2017part2.blogspot.co.uk/




 I prefer the day 2 photos.  How about you? 













At David Ward's garage in Egham on Tuesday 06-06-17 multiple Tealer David Brown's handsome  Teal Grand Tourer The Cream Cracker (affectionately known as Jacob) was being tuned up; David W. kindly photographed Brian in the cockpit, and David B. approved publication....I was actually there for new shock absorbers on the back end of my Fiat Panda.  Missions successfully completed.













Over the Bank Holiday late May weekend  sixteen Tealers enjoyed the Bugatti Owners' Club gathering at the Prescott hillclimb site in Gloucestershire.  The happy band included Glen and Maggie, Neil and Pam, David and Janice in The Cream Cracker Grand Tourer (or Jacob as it is sometimes affectionately known), George in the Type 59, Phil and Dot, Colin and Irené, John and Wendy, Rob Lewis and David and Sharon.  On the Sunday Glen and Maggie laid on a happy tour to the pretty Cotswold town of Bourton-on-the Water.... more info to come for Club members in the June Teal Spiel.


Thanks, David 






























 Teal 4-seater Tourer hand-built by Teal Cars. 1800 cc MGB engine, tax exempt, aluminium body with full tonneau cover, roof and windows. Best front brake covers ever (see photos below).  21K miles.  £28,000 phone 07730701149.

Available for inspection in  Yorkshire or at Bugatti Owners' Club Prescott Vie En Bleu  Saturday 27th or Sunday 28th  May.


More Photos Below 













( ps: Isn't she a beauty - one of the finest Teals built - Editor )









The very early Worsley Teal referred to towards the bottom of this page is now for sale on Ebay.  Tealers might like to copy, paste  and view this link: 







Thanks, David     

















In the Netherlands, Detective Tealer Aaldert has re-discovered a lost Teal.  It's owned by Piet from Bergen, Holland, and has been since 1995.   More details to follow, but here she is: 










and from the front:












Thanks to both Piet (who aims to become a Teal Owners' Club member) and to Aaldert for tracking this beauty down .  More news when available  - a new Teal of the Week - No  154 ?






















Spotted on hols in Valencia - a suitable place for refreshment ...















Wendy and John King have sent this delightful photo of a Replica Bristol Scout  of WW1 vintage, flanked by their Teal Type 35 nearside and beyond Colin and Fiona's splendid red Vital Spark. The classic trio are at Downton Hall, near Ludlow, Shropshire.  An interesting feature of the Scout is that it appears to be painted (roundel) in either French colours or, perhaps early Royal Naval Air Service markings.  The Royal Flying Corps (and RAF from 1918 ) has the red in the centre of the roundel - any comments welcomed on the Forum page...


 Thanks, Wendy and John for fine photo and discussion interest ...





...Teals and old classic aircraft seem to go well together: 





Here's Teal pioneer Rob Lewis' lovely Isadora at Gloucestershire Airport (still Staverton to me)  - and is that a Tiger Moth, Rob?



Mind you, Neil 'Sheffield' Bridges doesn't do it by half measures:








 Here's Neil's fine Phoenix (widely admired) at RAF Marham with the Lancaster bomber like the ones used by Numbers 9 and 617 Squadrons on the joint raid which sank the  battleship Tirpitz on 12 Nov 44 in  Kafjord,   Norway using 'Tall Boy' 12,000 lb bombs.








  Tirpitz  Before









Tirpitz afterwards.



Back to Neil, who has built a strong rapport with the current No 9 Squadron aircrew, who now fly Tornados, and has been flying with them several times in the squadron light aircraft; he has a natural aptitude. Must be something to do with playing the guitar...










Colin Andrews, distinguished former Teal Owners' Club Sec and Chairman, was also an RAF pilot; here he demonstrates in  fine Teal 'Puddle Jumper'  his skills at collision-avoidance  with a classic Tiger Moth.  Phew.






Andrew Smith, Tealer and Photographer, seated in the cockpit of his Piper Cub at White Waltham airfield (Maidenhead) on his wedding day, while new bride Jane swings the prop and their handsome Teal Brigitte awaits.   Regular visitors to this website may recall that Jane is the rapid Santa in December, when she speeds round the Chiltern Hills in Brigitte and  red Santa hat bring gifts to the good children of Buckinghamshire...









Teals Around Britain 






White Cliffs at Seven Sisters, Near Eastbourne, Sussex 


In recent years happy Teal runs have been enjoyed into Sussex and Kent under the guidance of  Jean and Rupert...






 In search of the Cuckmere Valley, near Seven Sisters: Tealers in the Mist; weather conditions vary hourly in  Britain, even in  the far south. Of this Tealers are more aware than most! 













 At Goodwood a few years ago at a Vintage Sports Car Club meet I noticed this handsome Teal; it was hard not to notice the beauty, putting Ferraris in the shade.  Does anyone know who owns her? A message on the Teal Forum 2017 page would be most welcome. Thanks.









Interesting Numbers?  The total hits on this website up to 22.4.17  by viewers interested in Teals . Thanks, kindly folk.







(No, not Sebastian Vettel) 











 Actually a  Teal Type 35 boat-tail (6C/2500) with lowered suspension. Black wires look impressive, don't they?   (Teal of the Week No 82)










Norfolk Teal  with enviable badge...there is much else enviable about this fine Teal (foreground below), lovingly  hand-built by Richard:









Does Size Matter? 







It was the Teal Owners' Club (TOC) AGM on Sunday, 30th April; here the TOC Chairman (Bob, left) and the Club Secretary (Andy, right) compare sizes.  I think.



Below, Teals line up outside for the TOC AGM,  with the  Tealers inside...







 followed next day by lovely Teals at the Kit Car Show 2017...









With thanks to The Teal Owners' Club Facebook page for the photos (source: Neil Bridges, that fine Tealer), and to Bob, David, Neil, Andy,  Rob, John and David again, Tealers all. 



News of the Teal AGM will be in next month's issue of TEAL SPIEL, our fine Teal magazine  for members of the TOC (club membership is only £18 a year - a bargain) 













 Ron and Sheila Stamp's immaculate Teal Type 35 four-seat Tourer








Good Taste?  Queen's Road, Brighton. 







Teal Poem by Glen 











Maggie and Glen in Captain Sensible and in France 













Tealers will recall that about the first eight Teals made by Ian Foster in 1983/early 1984 were called Worsleys (see page 2 of this website for details).  An early  Teal has recently been re-discovered with the above plaque attached to its dashboard.   This chassis-number 10002 appears to be that of the second Teal (or Worsley) ever built - and as such the earliest Teal known to the Club.  More info and photos to come.  Exciting times!


Here we are: 














Not bad for Teal/Worsley No 2 from 1983, is she?  Looks like she's been well looked after ; she'll be Teal of the Week No 153 shortly.


With thanks to Nigel, Tom and Dot. 









































Sometimes Teal Log Books use Engine Number for Chassis Number in the absence of the latter. 






 Dummy calormeter above radiator  inscribed Teal Motors   Altrincham  Cheshire


A thing of beauty. No expense spared. 














Question Four -  answer all parts.



You are the seventh of nine Tealers on a rally in Yorkshire. You are proceeding in a north-easterly direction towards Staithes on a country lane when it becomes clear that the lane is narrowing and deteriorating into a dead-end farm track.  This situation is not unknown.  Each Teal must now individually turn round to face the other way.   Suitable hand signals are given by the sensible leading driver, to which suitable hand signal responses are given by the rear cars.  One passenger is heard to call 'Oh, jolly good'. No accidents occur at this stage. 


Part 1:   Assume that a Teal is on average 12 feet long and the width of the lane is fourteen feet.  Ignore if you wish  the two-foot ditches on either side and  also the 9-foot-wide tractor laden with manure emerging from the farm.  Assume a seven-point turn  per Teal, each one taking one-and-a half minutes in total and all executed approximately simultaneously.  How long does it take for all the Teals to be facing back the way they came?  Show your workings.


Part 2.   The  sensible Teal now at the back  is the only one with Satnav, and needs to progress to the (new)  front.   Assuming that there is a passing point only every 100 yards, and it takes 20 seconds to drive a hundred yards, a) how long does it take for the back car to regain the front position,  and b) what distance has it  covered from its turn-round point when it reaches the front? c)   At what position will you be in the group when the leader re-reaches the front?


It is now 1708 hours and you have thirty seven and a half miles to go to your B and B at Staithes . For Part 3 assume you average 50 miles an hour for the remainder of the journey, and it takes seven minutes to unpack a Teal, put the tonneau on  and secure the beauty.


Part 3:   a) what time will you arrive at your B and B? and  b) will the bar in the pub opposite be open? Finally c) will you buy your leader and his charming navigator a drink?   Explain your reasoning


















Actually, no; these Teals {and a Replicar (Keith and John) } have been photographed in the mirror of Vital Spark on the Teal Lakes and Borders Run, giving the appearance of left-hand drive.  Roger and Carolla Frank are in the green four-seater, while the chap at the back appears to be looking for a map (or more likely a packet of biscuits) under his tonneau... happy, sunlit  days.













A public health warning has been issued against a virulent disease that is a growing threat to the population, particularly middle-aged men.


The disease is called Tealitis Bugattiensis. (Mad Duck Disease). It strikes in one of two ways: either after years of lurking (see male menopause), or suddenly, from the blue - one morning you're in the clear; by evening  you've been smitten.


Symptoms include: a far-away look; irrational behaviour; punching the air and shouting 'yes' for no apparent reason; repeated  opening and closing of garage doors;  and unusual displays of bonhomie.


Beware of such sentences as: 'I'm just off for a spin' and 'Let's visit the Schlumpf this year'.



Little can be done for such advanced sufferers, but they do at least seem to be happy in themselves. 







Much info, and many photos which might interest you, have recently (8th April) been transferred to the Teal News 15 page of this website in order  to make room for new items on this page. 









TEAL EVENTS - 2016/2017


Details of Teal Owners' Club events are listed on the new TOC club website with when, where and who to contact.  Teal rallies, car shows, parties and get-togethers are all there in TealSpiel magazine for members or here's the website link:




copy and paste into your browser for full info...







 Talking of Old Classics....


CAPTAIN SENSIBLE:  See his terrific Teal tales at page 57,  one page from the end of this website
And now , at last, a little bit about this website, its contents and why it was set up .

Welcome to SKYBLUETEAL, the website for lovers of Teal cars, fine British sports cars full of character, lovely to look at and a delight to drive.


There are many photos of owners' cars on the website as we build up a visual record of every Teal we can find in Teal of The Week (TOW), and   we explain  a little of the history of  Ettore Bugatti, the legendary designer and manufacturer  whose  delightful  and highly successful racing and touring cars of the 1920s and 1930s inspired Teal cars. The history of Teal cars is detailed with many historic photos, and there are pages showing the building of Teal T35, T43, T44  and T59 cars in the 'factory' .


Just for fun, there is a   tour of a fine  Continental Teal T35 (Dutch Treat) and of  a lovely Teal from Dorset (Black Beauty).    Features include a  page of Tealing in the  pioneer years of the 1980s, photos of Teals and Tealers in Wales and Yorkshire on the 2008 Triangle Run, the Lake District and Scottish Borders on the June 2009 Rally,  illustrations of  the building of  Teal cars at home,   and picture reviews of the wonderful variety of Teal  cockpits, dashboards and tails.   There's a special page on the Teal Owners' Club (TOC),  detailing  how to join the Club, and the many Club benefits.    The exciting  annual   Circuit des Remparts at Angouleme is covered, and  Teals in Action 2009  shows our Teal cars where they are meant to be:  on the road;  there's full coverage of The Teal 2010 Backbone of England Rally, and there are stirring Teal Tales of Captain  Sensible campaigning  in Britain, France,  Spain, Germany Switzerland and the Netherlands,  and also new Teal News pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10,11,12,13 and 14 with dozens of snippets of the latest information about Teals and Tealers, and reports of our Teal adventures and rallies in 2007,2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 in Sussex and Hampshire, Kent, East Anglia,   Lancashire, The Peak District, Shropshire and Herefordshire, Wales, Oxfordshire, and unusual adventures in the Scottish Highlands and Islands, as well as overseas trips to much of Europe, most recently (2015) to Portugal and France (2016).   We hope you enjoy these tales which are an excuse to enjoy our lovely Teals, and eachothers' company... Do join us at The Teal Owners' Club (you don't have to own a Teal) - email our Club Membership Secretary at dot.massey@btinternet.com

- you'll be most welcome. 


 Perhaps you already own a Teal, or maybe you might be considering buying and  driving a Teal one day; either way, it's a rewarding and exciting experience ..... we welcome you to the vivid world of Teal cars.  














To purchase an original vintage 1920s Bugatti such as the legendary Types 35 or 37 would cost  between £250,000 and £500,000; with an authentic racing pedigree, the price of such a car would be well above a million pounds. Bugatti cars of the 1920s and 1930s command such a high premium because of their rarity, the engineering skill of their designer, Ettore Bugatti (see page 3),  the beauty of their lines and their outstandingly successful record as racing cars over  the two decades before World War 2.

The Teal Type 35 was designed in 1983, and much  refined in the late  80s and 90s, to provide a car with the Bugatti's beauty and performance at an affordable price.  To drive  a Teal behind the twin racing aero screens is an exhilarating (and windy!)  experience, since suspension, steering, handling and exhaust note are all successfully optimised  to replicate as far as possible the exciting sensations of 1920s open-air  motoring.   More details of  Teal history, design, construction, engines, suspension,  and some  estimated  prices   are given at page 2.  


Original Teal - 1984 - Ian and Maggie Foster's Type 35 
(Photo Maggie Foster - thank you)
 See Page 2
The same early Teal, in 2010 (below)
 Now aluminium-bodied with 18-inch wire wheels,substantial headlights  and windscreen, restored by Keith Lidgerwood, here on the Backbone of England Run in June 2010, photographed with Keith,  and Guy and Mark Foster, Ian and Maggie Foster's twin sons, who helped dad Ian build the Teal in 1984. 
Early  Teal.   Kit Car Magazine, July 1984
Outside the Hatchet Inn, Lower Chute, Near Andover, Hampshire;
This excellent pub is still there 30 years later,  looking much the same.
See Teal origins  (page two) for the story behind the launch of  the first   Teals.
 ( Thanks to Andy/Kit Car Magazine for photo )
Teal Type 35 two-seaters

Oxford and Cambridge?  These aluminium Teal Type 35 two-seaters with 18" wire wheels are photographed  at Laycock:  Peter Haywood's dark blue beauty was driven by him and Neil from their  Isle of Wight homes, where Peter is restoring a Riley Kestrel when he's not motoring in his Morgan Plus Four or Teal, and  Neil fettles and drives his pre-war MG J2 - for more see Teal News page one, Item 31.  The pretty sky blue Teal is now owned by Andrew Smith from Buckinghamshire ( see Teal News page one, Items 2 and 17).




Teal Type 35 Four - Seater  Tourer

Glen and Maggie Ibbotson's fine dark blue four-seater at the Knowsley show;  for more about Glen and Maggie and their Teal  [Captain Sensible] see the Teal News page one, Item 13, and Captain Sensible's amazing and delightful Teal Tales, one page from the end of this website.



 A very pretty Teal Type 43 Four Seat Tourer, designed and built by Bob Jones

(photo -  Bob Jones - thank you)


the handsome Teal Type 44 Four Seater grand tourer, designed and built by Bob Jones

(photo -  Bob Jones - thank you)



the delightful Teal Type 52s  ('Bugattini') 

(photo -  Bob Jones - thank you)



                               Teal Type 59 - high performance sports car (with admirers) 

    (photo  -  Bob Jones - thank you)

Below: Teal Type 59 at Speed



Teal Owners' Club  Lakes and Borders Run,  Scotland
"The sun on your back, the wind in your hair, the winding road ahead, and good company at the long  day's end -  all's well with the world." 


This is not the official website of Teal Cars, or of Bugatti, or of any organisation or club whatsoever;  the Skyblueteal.co.uk website has simply been created to share information and images with fellow Teal and Bugatti classic car enthusiasts.  We hope that you enjoy the website in the spirit of fun in which it has been created.  Happy Tealing.....













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